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Kiwi 64 Kiwi 64

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ahhh Banjo and kazooie

18076804 Project 18076804 Project

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lots of good stuff here, some a little ambiguous.

#2 ---
The startup config file is not a "backup" it is where the file is saved for use when the router/switch turns on, then it is copied to the running config. When you are making changes to a switch/router you are editing the RUNNING config file. If you did not type the command R1#copy running-config startup-config (shortened to R#cop r s) then power cycle the device, all your changes would be lost. The Startup config file is the main place to store your config not a backup. Try changing the wording of the question to something like: "on a cisco router, what command would you type to ensure you running configuration file is not lost if the router shuts down."

I have a few problems with this question.
But first, I will point out that you identify the type of device (router) and brand (cisco) so that was an improvement over the previous question! gj
by typing in "line vty 0 4" you can then type "password abcde" and the password for the vty lines 0 through 4 will be abcde.
But even following the logic that because "line vty 0 4" is the command you type in BEFORE setting a password, one should also be able to choose "line con 0" because you can also set a password there for the console line.

Other than that I everything was pretty good. Keep up the good work!

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Triangular 2048 Triangular 2048

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Only complaint is that there is no highscore ranking

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Police State Police State

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok so the concept has potential, but the game is lacking. Also calling this a tower defense is a little misleading.

The objective of the game is a little confusing: "...instead of killing enemies, you monitor their movements. The goal is to stop 100 crimes."

So I'm trying to stop crimes, and once I stop 100 I win. That's all well and good, a clear objective, but what crimes am I stopping?

How are your representing a crime?
-Some of the people seem to be colored yellow, are they the criminals?
-Are they always yellow, or only after committing a crime?
-Do they commit multiple crimes?
-What crimes are being committed? all I see are dots moving around, are their murders taking place, theft, burglaries?
-Are criminals breaking into businesses?

I see the pedestrians moving, mostly on sidewalks (thats good) but they don't seem to react to the siren if they are in a crosswalk. Maybe getting them to move out of the crosswalk and roads if they are within a 1.5 block radius of the cruiser.

Try making a toggle button in a corner for muting/unmuting, this is or in a pause menu is really the best way to mute/unmute.

What do the cameras do? What is the point of having them? Do cameras deter criminals?

The in game economy seems a little out of whack, I was easily able to place a camera at every intersection, if they can see 1.5 blocks then I had the entire map covered without running out of money. Maybe try adding other forms of surveillance: wire taps, private security, surveillance units that would set up in a building to watch the street outside/building across the street. Each of these could have a cost. Try tying the players ability to prevent crime to their budget, if the player prevents crime they get more money, if the criminals get away, then they dont get money. Which actually seems a little backwards, maybe reverse that, the more criminals escaping, the more money in your budget. If your stopping all the crime, why would the city keep throwing money at you.

I would ditch the control of one cruiser and add multiple officers/cruisers that would each have a price tag (every cruiser costs $x per sec, every patrol officer costs $y per sec) you could control them by dragging boxes around them to select units and clicking an area on the map to direct their attention to said area.

Anyways those are just some of the ideas that came to mind during my play-through.
Good luck on your future projects!

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Galahir950 responds:

1. Some of the people seem to be colored yellow, are they the criminals?
-The yellow people are criminals that have been detected. Criminals that have not been detected are green.
2. Are they always yellow, or only after committing a crime?
-They are yellow after they are detected.
3. Do they commit multiple crimes?
-You are supposed to detect the criminals before they commit a crime. Once they commit a crime, they vanish.
4. What crimes are being committed? all I see are dots moving around, are their murders taking place, theft, burglaries?
-Mostly pickpocketing and Robberies.

Most of the things that you wanted added, I wanted added. With my current license, I am limited to 100 events and this is exactly 100 events. If you are playing on harder difficulties, your funding is much slower, to the point that it is $100 every 6 seconds instead of every second. At higher difficulties, there is also a higher population density, which causes cameras to have a hard time maintaining a LOS on criminals.

Cameras detect criminals at half the rate of the police cruiser, but they are automated so you dont have to spend as much time driving around.

The formula for your funding is (100-Crimes stopped). At a higher difficulty, this can be very hard because you could only get $50 ever 6 seconds.

Pixel Pete Pixel Pete

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Stuck on level 5, some sort of glitch I think? Fyi using chrome. Everytime I use the Ultra Boost upgrade 'pete' gets stuck on the first object he touches =(

Was really enjoying the game until then.

Hopefully further development will fix this issue!

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Doooomguy responds:

Yes, it seems to be an issue with some Chrome browsers - the restricted conditional script sometimes affects the innervation dynamics in the Ultra Boost code. Try on another browser, like Firefox!

Shoot the Hordes Shoot the Hordes

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

A more accurate description will help players understand what is happening in this game.
This game has two phases. Phase one has you draw a ski slope that your character will later ski/snowmobile down. In the second phase you will snowmobile/ski down the slope you created, while being attacked by hordes of flying zombies. While you slide you get to shoot laser-beams that randomly changer their vectors and can pass through and instantly kill any zombie they touch. The objective is to make it down your slope, then do it again.

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BCG Blackjack BCG Blackjack

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

No insurance? Fine, you don't have to allow the players the option of insurance, but if the dealer ever has blackjack, you automatically loose. I just played a hand where the dealer had blackjack, and I was allowed to draw to a loss.

No Splits?

No Doubling down?

Not having these as part of the game makes me question how you programmed other basic aspects of the game such as how many decks you are playing with, and when they are shuffled. There should be either 6 or 8, so there should be a total of either 6 or 8 of every card before reshuffling.
Study up on blackjack a little more.

BlackCrossGames responds:

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll look into it.

Fortress Defense Fortress Defense

Rated 2 / 5 stars

A tutorial explaining the upgrades would be nice. Maybe the badguys were just getting stronger bit by bit everytime I made a damage increase, but it just felt like those points were wasted. It seemed to always take 2 to 3 clicks, not sure why it was different for some. Once i reached the $800 level it would be 1 or two clicks.

Headshots, the need to matter. I will suspend my disbelief even if the helmet area was normal damage, but the exposed head, that should be a killshot.

The images on the first two upgrade buttons belie their true meaning. The bullet intuitively represents damage, and the cross-hares represent something to do with aim. I would have chosen an image of a magazine for the clip size, and put the bullet for damage increases. Also a hotkey, would be nice, so that players dont have to stop shooting to upgrade/repair.

Also the sounds were a little confusing, was I using a three round battle rifle?

The reload time and sound effects were confusing, synchronize them please, the sound effect for cocking the gun is heard well before the player can shoot again.. very frustrating.

This has potential, but isn't enough to warrant me coming back to play again without changes.

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Two Powers 2 Two Powers 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, lots of fun. The only thing I disliked was the fact that you had to click on the bumpers to scroll the screen, in your next installment I would suggest allowing people to scroll by using wasd or the arrow keys. I found all the other controls and menus to be intuitive and easily navigated. Bravo!

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Thunder-Hawk responds:

I listen to your suggestion. Thanks for the rest!

4 Seconds 4 Life 4 Seconds 4 Life

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Good concept, poor implementation.

Music: ok

Graphics: nothing super fancy, but it all was the same style and matched.

There were a lot of issues I had, one of the biggest was the lack of instruction. With a game like memory it's fine to be a little sparse with your instructions, pretty much every child in the United States played memory of some kind as a child, but for a game like "CUT THE WOOD" the instructions are horribly vague. Rapidly click and drag would be a better instruction. The "SHOOT THE TOILET!" instructions are a great example of how they all should be short, concise, and accurate!

Watching my cannon balls stop mid air, or the last cloud stopping after zipping halfway off the screen, or seeing a tree still standing, but completely disconnected from its base were infuriating, and annoyed me beyond belief. After the first few times I only continued playing so I would be able to write an accurate review.

"EASY RIDER!!" is a great example of a game that is too easy. Add some balancing, make it so that if the player clicks to many times the rider will flip on his back.

Give the players a reward for completing a mini game with time on the clock.

Why name a game "NO CROSSING!" when the objective is to cross the road? once again woefully inadequate and a hint of "flick the little girl to the other side". Try click to move, reach the other side.

You obviously put time into this game, why stop short of a polished product? I hope to see you put some more time into this game, it could easily become a 3 to 5 stars game.

Good Luck,

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